Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately I am still pregnant. But the silver lining on our little black rain cloud is that we got to spend Christmas at home with Mikey. (I was pretty worried that I would be in the hospital for Christmas and Jake said that we would just postpone Christmas if that was the case but his parents were in town and I felt like that wasn't fair to them, but luckily -well sort of lucky- we did not have to worry about it at all)
Mikey is sick so he wasn't as enthusiastic as we thought he would be but he got spoiled rotten. He got a book of 100 words from Uncle Jeff and Auntie Whitney which we opened first- bad idea because then he just wanted to play with the book instead of opening more presents. He got some cute pjs (there is a picture farther down), some onesies, a coloring book, board books, little cars which he also loves and they were seriously tough to open, a winter jacket, a vtech camera (which has successfully distracted him from my camera which is off limits), Horton Hears a Who, and a basketball hoop. From his aunts and uncles he got shoes from Aunty Liz- pictures will come eventually- he loves them, a snowman cup, and quite a few large noisy toys and we have no clue where they will fit but Mikey loves them so that's what counts.
Jake was equally spoiled with all his techy toys- a voltage meter, pliers, mini screwdrivers, soldering iron, a tv mount, all three seasons of White Collar, Green Lantern, Live Free or Die Hard, a coupon book, a face mask - Jake LOVES facials- and we got the Hobbit and the LOTR books from Jeff and Whit- very exciting.
I think I was the most spoiled (well not counting Mikey and Adam's toys from the grandparents). I got a cricut, vinyl, a shelf, Mortal Kombat- seriously so excited about these, all three seasons of Veronica Mars, the Mummy movies, really cute boots a 32 GB SD card, a box of turtles, a really awesome tripod and a new flash for my camera, and... I am forgetting something but you don't really care.
Besides all that, we got lots of clothes for both little kiddos, a crib (!! to be delivered Jan 3), gift cards to Costco, Walmart, and Target, a game called Munchkins, Adam got a plush toy, and a blanket.
We were extremely spoiled but honestly, the best part was getting to spend so much time as a family. Jake's job, which is still excellent, gave everyone almost two weeks off this Christmas and it has been so wonderful getting to have him around.
Our Christmas Tree! It was beautiful before Mikey got to it but he enjoyed it so much that I don't mind that it got messed up

Our stockings- we got lots of candies. :D
Mikey was a little crabby- but check out his stash.. It's mostly fruit snacks. He loves those Reese Cups though. He unwraps the foil but unless he gets to eat the paper he isn't interested in the candy. Weirdo.
Also, how adorable are those pjs? Seriously.

Jake with his m&m's

Probably the first picture of me in months- I never get picturs taken and you can't even see my pregnant belly- but this is me, 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant. And I guarantee I am more tired than I look here.

Mikey LOVES his basketball hoop which I am so glad about. Look at how excited he is!

He is so good with it and he took to it right away. Jake showed him once and now everytime he sees the ball he dunks it. I am so proud. We are planning on him being the next Muggsy Bogues. :D
After presents we had a delightful little breakfast and spent the afternoon watching movies together. We finished the day at Jake's brothers house with his family eating dinner and opening the presents from Jake's family. It was a great Christmas and I love how different it feels with a little kid.
I hope you all had great days and be on the lookout for a baby post one of these days. We are hoping on any day now. Be excited- we make cute kids. ;) 

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  1. I'm glad you had a good Christmas! I'm excited to see your new cute baby! But I'm sure I'm not as excited as you :)