Friday, January 18, 2013

A Family of Four- finally.

I just love my brown eyed boys. Aren't they just so handsome?
Here is my brief update:
Jake- loves his job still; tired from the two kiddos; did Adam's baby blessing on Sunday- it was beautiful; 
Meredith- exhausted; sore; very excited to not be pregnant anymore; even more excited to file taxes- I kid you not, it's better than Christmas for me; started watching Grey's Anatomy while nursing- that show is crazy;
Mikey- starting to get more stubborn; always bumped and bruised; started nursery; knows his nose, ear, eye, foot, mouth, and head- most of the time; says mama, dada, moh (more), done, deah (yeah), do (no)- big fan of d's apparently;
Adam- slowly learning nights and days; champion of cluster feeds; sleeps in 4 or 5 hour periods; works his lungs pretty well; a mama's boy; has dark and amazing brown eyes;
This is what a family of 4 means to me- Jake laughing, me exhausted, Mikey screaming, and Adam starving. It's a pretty awesome life.
The only way to calm Mikey down is to tell him that Baby Adam needs him. He stops crying long enough to give a kiss and a little pat.
The famous baby tux! Adam was a little small for it. Thank you Grandma Jill.

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  1. sounds like everything is perfect. Love and hugs to all.