Friday, March 7, 2014

A few things I've learned in the last 6 weeks.

1. There is always one kid that's naked. Normally they have a diaper on but that is no longer a given.
2. Someone is always crying- and it's not necessarily a child.
3. Going to the bathroom is a privilege, and one that I only get about once a day.
4. I always sleep with someone- but it's rarely Jake.
5. It's no longer a given that wet spots on pillows are drool.
6. The utility closet is actually a sanctuary.
7. Most things can be one handed. And it turns out the things that can't aren't that necessary.
8. Brushing your hair and teeth are actually high class spa treatments, I just didn't know it before.
9. You can actually be so tired that you can be nursing a child, holding another on your lap while the third is climbing on your back and you can still be confused about where all your kids are.
10. Having a kids face covered in food just means that's one less snack you need to prepare later.
one covered in food, one crying, one naked. case and point.

The difference a year makes.

Sometimes you just have to let them eat doritos right from the bag.


  1. I have that pink elephant dress for Maci too! So cute! Keep up the good work mama bear! At least you can laugh about it!

  2. She looks so much older! Hang in there! You are super mom!!

  3. I legitimately laughed out loud this whole post. hilarious. I look forward to some crazy days with kids