Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Little Logans

So I realized the other day that I mentioned Natalie's appointment with the surgeon and then I just left you, all of my loyal followers, hanging. My bad. And since I am talking about the little one, I might as well talk about all of 'em!

We met with the surgeon and he told us basically exactly what we expected. The hernia isn't bad enough to warrant a surgery so we just have to wait it out. In a few months.. well more like several months, if it gets bigger we can opt to get the surgery for cosmetic reasons but we aren't planning on that. He also said that it probably got worse because she is such a fussy baby. Awesome. One more reason she should just be happy.
She is doing better though. Today she just chilled in her chair for like an hour and a half. Excellent.

He is still great. Still just so happy all the time. And eats everything. It's not uncommon to hear me or Jake say, Adam what are you eating? Unfortunately he is really fast so we don't always find out what he ate before he swallows. Parent award. 
So here is the story of the picture. Today I found him sitting on the floor eating one of those gold chocolate coins. But he can't open them so he just sucked the chocolate out. When he was finished, I kid you not, the foil wrapper was just about completely clean. That is amazing. And disgusting. haha

Mikey is pretty much over the camera for right now. It's getting harder and harder to get him to look at the camera.
Well he is doing great. Growing, running, playing, doing all that jazz that 2 year old boys do. But the best part of all of it is how much better his speech is getting. He puts sentences together and honestly, to most people it probably just sounds like jibberish but to Jake and I, he is clear as an adult.. most of the time. And he is so funny. Sometimes I can't even punish him for being rotten because he is just hilarious. Like yesterday Adam was standing on the elliptical and I saw Mikey push him off and before I had a chance to talk to him about it, we have this conversation
Mikey: Oh no Mama, Adam fell down.
Me: Are you sure? Did you help him fall down?
Mikey: No Mama, he just fell. Silly Baby Adam
That kid, he kills me.

Here are a few other funny stories about the kids.
The boys were wrestling and Mikey was on top and Adam was crying so I said they had to start over. Mikey was trying to get up and Adam just rolled over and took him out at the knees. And then laughed hysterically.

Today Adam and Natalie were on the bed together and I was talking to Mikey about not biting- yeah awesome, our kid is a biter. Anyways, so I look up right as Adam is belly flopping onto Natalie. No joke, my first thought was Oh no, he killed her. Good news- no death, she didn't even cry for that long so that's good.

I was doing laundry and I told Mikey that he couldn't climb into the dryer. He was pretty upset about it but he can't open it so I don't have to worry about it. However, Adam can open the dryer. Little man just throws his weight behind it and the dryer has no choice but to open. Well about 5 minutes after I told Mikey to not play with the dryer, I see him pulling Adam to the laundry room and whispering to him. So I followed them and I saw Mikey show Adam that he needed to open the dryer for him so he could climb in. Awesome. Don't worry- I intervened.

The other day Mikey asked for apple juice and I said oh sorry bud but we are all out. Normally he starts to cry, or at the very least pouts but he just said "oh it's okay mama. Daddy will buy some after work." He was right by the way- Jake came home with apple juice, which is impressive because we weren't out when he left so I'm not sure how he knew to buy more.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. haha! Such funny kids! Natalie is so gorgeous!!