Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St Patrick's Day

When I was growing up, I hated holidays. Each and every one of them. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, even long weekends. It was like every single one of them suffered from New Year's Eve Syndrome. Each holiday was going to be the best ever and then, nine times out of ten, it was just a regular tuesday where everyone wore green, or a wednesday that started with presents but the rest of the day paled in comparison to the dreams. So even once I was in college and I no longer had the big expectations for these "special" days, I still didn't like them. Too many years of disappointment I guess
(I just want to note that my mom always tried hard to make birthdays really special. My problem with holidays is solely my own and I don't hold it against mom, dad, or Michele that my holidays where just days)
So when Mikey was born, I decided that while I am not a super intense holiday observer, I wanted to change my attitude about them and try to make them at least slightly special for my kiddos.  So Jake and I decided that at the very least, we would have a holiday breakfast every holiday and if I am so inclined, we'll do more. Well this year St Patty's was on monday so I just made the activity FHE. And it was wonderful. We had our friends from down the street over for a barbecue- we had been trying to get them over for a while, they actually cancelled on us twice I think, good thing we aren't offended easily :)
After the bbq I set up a little scavenger hunt for the kids. If I had been thinking, I would've taken a picture of the treasure at the end of the scavenger hunt but I forgot, so you can see it from afar later down the page.
Enjoy the pictures!
Okay, so Mikey had pants. I am not sure where they went. But that is just the way it is now- as I noted in a previous post

I don't think Adam understood that there was candy at the end of the clues or else he probably would've been way more into it.

Grant was so excited to look at the clues. It was cute. It was really nice to have at least one kid really into it.

Ta-Da! At the end of the "rainbow." Inside the bowl there were rice krispie treats, chocolate gold coins, and green and yellow m&m's and skittles

Adam was more excited about trying to eat the clues than the candy. Oh well.

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