Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Reading Nook... kind of!

Two blog posts in one day! What! This never happens!
But man oh man, I am just too excited to wait! And honestly, what's the point of waiting? Something you wanna share, just go ahead and share it friends!

Okay, so I am not handy. I have always wanted to be but I'm not. I took wood shop in high school for one semester and I successfully built a stool. That's it. One stool in a semester. I understand all of it really well and the concepts were grasped but the execution was a little allusive (name that movie! A favorite game for the Merrill's to play- not sure why though, Jordan always wins haha) But it didn't matter because I figured I would just marry a guy that was handy, like my dad or my brothers. Well my friends, while Jake is a great guy and a lot of things, handy is not exactly one of them. He has this "close enough" attitude, that at least for me being raised by Mike Merrill, is just not acceptable when it comes to building or fixing things.
But I find all these projects on facebook that I desperately want to try and I recently started a Done It board on pinterest and I am pretty sure that it's the greatest thing ever to actually pin something that I have completed to that board. Plus it makes it significantly more acceptable to waste time on pinterest knowing that there is a slightly higher chance that I'll do it just so I can repin it. Silly I know, but I've never claimed not to be.
Before my dad came when little Natalie was born, Jake and I made a to do list that he could help Jake do. Well, I should've known that he would just do it all while we were in the hospital. There was only one thing left of the list and we ran out of time. Well! Today I finished it! Finally! No joke, Jake and I started this ridiculous project about 5 months ago. It shoulda just been a hang up the spice-rack-repurposed-as-kid-bookshelf and move the books. Quick and easy. 15 minutes tops. Yeah we were wrong.
But it doesn't matter anymore! The way it turned out is way cuter than it would've originally, had it been a quick and easy project.
(please ignore the terrible picture quality. There is something unfortunate going on with my camera- hopefully I can fix it)

Awesome right! I have a pillow, two puffs (if you don't know what I mean I posted about it previously... here is the link- it's at the very end of the post), and a bean bag chair ready for our new reading nook and I am planning on making one or two more puffs!

I am very proud. Oh and don't worry, I straightened that one crooked shelf after I took the picture haha.

Thanks for reading!

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