Sunday, March 2, 2014

Surgeons and Fajitas

For the past few weeks I have been wanting to blog because it helps me relax but everytime I sit down to write something, it's stupid. I'm not kidding- I have written 4 completely idiotic blog posts. So I haven't posted them and it turns out that mindless babbling doesn't really cleanse the mind so much.

But this time I am powering through! I will post this regardless of how insane I sound.


-hardest baby ever. well probably not ever, but man oh man. She cries pretty much all the time, unless I am holding her which at first sounds like a pretty good ego stroke but in reality is just hard. But she still is adorable, even while she's screaming.
- she has a seriously bad umbilical hernia- it's about 5 cm or 2 inches- and I have wondered if maybe that is why she is so fussy so at her one month appointment I asked the doctor and it is so bad that we have to go meet with a pediatric surgeon. My doctor said that they probably won't have to operate but it's a better safe than sorry situation. Apparently, it'll be a laproscopic (I don't know how to spell that) procedure and it won't even leave a scar if she needs it. But we are hoping it won't even matter and that the surgeon will be able to give us tips on how to make her more comfortable sans surgery.

Shout out to my SIL Molly- this blanket makes me think of you- not sure why but every time we use it I talk to her about you.
- still huge. and adorable
- he has started nursery and does really well (we are really lucky that the nursery leaders, bishop, and primary president don't mind that he is way too young to be in there)
- his legs are still pretty bowed and he has a meeting with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon (we haven't set the date yet) and we might get braces for his legs but we don't know yet. We thought that they would've corrected more by now but in reality they are getting worse. It's probably because he's huge so his legs just can't withstand the pressure haha.

- obsessed with Power Rangers. We bought him a foam sword which now resides on the top shelf of our closet because he kept hitting everyone that he decided was a 'bad guy'. Awesome
- We are learning all kinds of new tricks with him, the most recent being unloading the dishwasher (well the utensils and plastic plates anyways) and sorting his laundry by colors- very exciting haha

Oh the next exciting thing about Mikey is that tonight he made dinner! Well kinda. We had fajitas and he cut the mushrooms and stirred the chicken and vegetables and seasoned them. We didn't have fajita seasoning so he picked how much of the random seasonings I thought sounded good went in and they were a little heavy on the cayenne pepper but that's cool. Then he heated up the tortillas on the stove top and helped Jake set the table. Granted all of these things were pretty dependent on me being right there making sure nothing got cut or burnt but we are still very proud. Here are some pictures.

Mikey mostly just ate the chicken with a few bites of red peppers and cheese.

Adam liked them so much he couldn't even keep his eyes open

Natalie was not that excited about the food but that's what happens when I'm not holding her. She screams. But what good lookin' people my husband and daughter are! 

Ta-Da! Mikey's dinner! Yay for Mikey!
Well and last but not least, me and Jake, doing great. Well as great as we can be with sleep deprivation, tired arms, and hurtin' ear drums but over all, life is grand. Well better go get Natalie- she's been crying pretty good this whole time.

Thanks for reading!

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