Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That Walt was a genius!

So for my birthday Jake bought me 5 Disney movies. How excellent. I got Aladdin, The Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. Also when my dad and stepmom were in Utah for conference they bought me Snow White for my early birthday celebration. So we now have 6 Disney movies. Freak I am just so excited.
Growing up, I always loved Cinderella the best: the mice-"Happy Birthday!!", Bruno and his dreams, Lucifer and Cinderella is so nice even though everyone is so mean to her. I would watch it and rewind it and watch it again. Shelly probably wanted to kill me and I am pretty sure she doesn't like Cinderella anymore. But now I am watching all these other ones and oh geez! how do people pick favorites. Like Aladdin, hilarious! (Pretty sure there is a lot in that movie I missed when I was little) It has such good songs and its so funny, especially the very beginning with the little man selling junk. Or Sleeping Beauty- the villian is so good in it. It is my personal opinion that Maleficent is his best invention. And Snow White, the dwarfs are absolutely fabulous. Or Lion King- the music! oh the music. Not to mention that Jonathon Taylor Thomas is the voice for Simba. Who doesn't love him? Beauty and the Beast is such a great story- such good life lessons. Love it.
Man I just love them all! So I just want to know how people pick their favorites? All I know is in September, my favorite was Cinderella, in October it was Snow White, then it was Beauty and the Beast, yesterday it was Little Mermaid, and now since Jake and I am watching Sleeping Beauty, its my new favorite.

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