Sunday, November 14, 2010

Graffiti = Love?

A couple weeks ago, Jake took me and my new camera up to Bridal Veil or Nunns Park or some place like that up in the canyon so I could play around. It was quite enjoyable. The colors were great and the mountains were so beautiful. And everywhere I looked I saw stuff like "Bob + Jane Forever" or "Jorge y Angela" ALL over! Now, color me crazy but if Jake was to paint Jake and Mere forever or Jake loves Emmy on a old rusty door or scratch my name in a random picnic bench in a park that I can't even remember what is called, I would not think thats special. Actually, I would probably be unimpressed. Nevertheless, I took pictures of a lot of them because I find it amusing.

(The last one is probably my favorite... It confuses me)
But I must confess. If Jake painted my name on the side of a train, that would be pretty cool. :D

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