Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Booklist

Today when I was wasting time at work I noticed that my friend had posted this list of 100 books that BBC thinks most people will have only read 6 of. Well, it just so happens for about a year I have randomly been trying to read new books. Sometimes, I decide thats silly and I will just read the ones I have already read because I know I like them. But I see this list and I realize its fate or destiny or probably more likely, just good old luck. So first, I went through the list to count how many I have read and how many I have started to read. Well, I have read... *drumroll* 22! and I have started 10 more on top of that. So my new goal is to read the rest of the books on the list! Number 1 is Pride and Prejudice and so tomorrow, after I finish the book I am already on, I am going to the BYU library to get started on the list. And let me tell you, I am actually so excited. I just love to read! Oh I don't worry, I will keep you all updated on which number I am on. :D