Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Color-Me-Mine Mickey!

So for my birthday Jake took me to Color-Me-Mine. And I have always wanted to go there! It was so exciting. And they had this really cute Mickey Mouse figurine so I had to get it. When I was little I wanted a Mickey Mouse bedroom and we had this old kinda gross Mickey blanket and I was obsessed with it until either one of my older brothers or my cousins told me that it used to be their "bathroom blanket". After that, I stopped using the blanket, and thus the dreamed died. BUT! Jake loves Disney! So, it is slowly coming back to life. Starting with this little statue.

We painted it together, and it was wonderful. I tried to get Jake to get the matching Minnie one but he said he doesn't like this kind of stuff so he would just watch me paint. But that didn't last long. And this is out finished product -->
He is so shiny, its kinda weird. But he sits on top of our TV shelf, just smiling all the time. Pretty awesome.


  1. so so so CUTE!!! We love mickey at our house!

  2. I wish I had known. I would have tried to supply a variety of Micky Mouse trinkets. I love you. Jake sounds pretty cool.